Edition History



1 Mar. ‘99

First Edition – the first edition of this collation and the article ‘Chronological Synchronisation of the Irish Annals’ accompanied the publication of Mc Carthy, ‘The Chronology of the Irish Annals’, PRIA 98C(1998)203–55, and collated essentially AT/CS/MB/AU over the years AD 307–722.

1 Sep. ‘99

Second Edition – this edition extended the collation backwards to cover the years AD 1–306, and it included where appropriate AR/AI/AB/CM. The tables were divided into c. 70 Kbyte units to facilitate Web downloading and on-going maintenance.

19 Sep. ‘00

Third Edition – this edition extended the collation of AT/CS/AU forward to cover the years AD 767–1178, thus fully covering the entire Christian era of the Clonmacnoise group of annals.

17 Mar. ‘05

Fourth Edition – this edition has extended the collation forward to cover the remaining years of the annals of the kalend tradition, viz. AD 1179–1590, by collating the Connacht group of texts LC/CT with AU. Additionally the following changes have been made to the earlier parts of the collation:

a) The misleading title ‘Annals of Clonmacnoise’ employed by Ware, O’Flaherty and Murphy for Conell Mageoghagan’s compilation of 1627 has been replaced by ‘Mageoghagan’s Book’=MB. While MB translates many Clonmacnoise entries it substitutes a comprehensive series of reigns of Irish kings for the kalends apparatus of the Clonmacnoise chronicle. The compilers of FM also employed this regnal canon and a separate collation of this has been made available online, cf. d) below.

b) The annals of ff. 12–14 of TCD 1282, which had in 1858 been associated by J.H. Todd with AT, have been restored to AU to which they belong, cf. Mc Carthy ‘The original compilation of the Annals of Ulster’, pp. 77–84.

c) Small adjustments have been made to the locations of the six kalends restored over AD 612–64 in order to improve the relationship between the synchronised chronology and the independent chronology of known events over this interval.

d) The regnal canon providing the primary chronological apparatus of both MB and FM has been collated for a wide range of chronicles including the Laud synchronisms, chronological poems, Lebor Gabála and Foras Feasa.