TCD-CS-93-11 Watson, R.

A Survey of Gesture Recognition Techniques.


Processing speeds have increased dramatically, bitmapped displays allow graphics to be rendered and updated at increasing rates, and in general computers have advanced to the point where they can assist humans in complex tasks. Yet input technologies seem to cause a bottleneck in performing these tasks: under-utilising the available resources, and restricting the expressiveness of applications use.

We use our hands constantly to interact with things: pick them up, move them, transform their shape, or activate them in some way. In the same unconscious way, we gesticulate in communicating fundamental ideas: 'stop' 'come closer' 'over there' 'no' 'agreed', and so on. Gestures are thus a natural and intuitive form of both interaction and communication.

This report develops the motivations for gestural input and surveys current gesture recognition techniques. A recognition technique under development at TCD, as part of the GLAD-IN-ART (EP5363) project, is also introduced.

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