TCD-CS-93-19 Lacey G., Waldron R., Dinten J., Lilly F.

Flexible Multi-Sensor Inspection System For Solder-Joint Analysis

September 1993.

Gerard Lacy, Ronan Waldron, Trinity College Dublin, IRELAND
Jean-Marc Dinten, LETI, CEA, Avenue des Martyrs, Grenoble, FRANCE
Francis Lilly, Department of Electronic Engineering, Liverpool John Moore's University, Liverpool, ENGLAND


This paper describes the design and construction of an open, automated, solder bond verification machine for the electronics manufacturing industry. The application domain is the higher end assembly technologies, with an emphasis on fine pitch surface mount components. The system serves a measurement function, quantifying the solder bonds. It interfaces with the manufacturing process to close the manufacturing loop. A geometric model of the solder in a joint, coupled with a finite element analysis of the physical properties of solder, lead to objective measurement of the solder. Principle illumination systems are laser, X-ray and noncoherent lighting. Open, Objected Oriented design and implementation practices enable a forward looking system to be developed.
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