TCD-CS-93-38... Butterfield, A.

A VDM Study of Fault-Tolerant Stable Storage - Towards a Computer Engineering Mathematics

April 1993


This paper presents early results of research work being carried out on applying format lmethods to the analysis of Stable Storage (Lampson 1981), which is a particular form of Fault Tolerance (Johnson 1989) adopted for data storage systems. A prim concern is the development of the methods of the Irish School of VDM (Mac an Airchinnigh 1990) as applied to this application as an effective engineering mathematics discipline. Early results of the modelling are reported involving both the use of the formalism and understanding of the application area gained from the modelling. Also emerging from the research are suggestions of possible new operators that might be added to the calculus to make it a more effective modelling tool, as well as new extensions to the formal method itself.
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