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 1. Introduction
 2. Images
 3. Histograms
 4. Binary Vision
 5. Geometric
 6. Edges
 7. Features
 8. Recognition
 9. Video
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Code samples.

The book contains a large number of OpenCV code snippets (originally for OpenCV v2.4.10) and referred to as TIPS (short for Trinity Image Processing System). v3.0.0 changed the way in which some of the functionality is accessed and hence new versions of the code are are presented on this page. The code is all part of a larger Microsoft Developer Studio project all files for which are included in a single ZIP file for v4.5.4 which is setup for OpenCV v4.6.0. This ZIP file includes all of the images and videos necessary for the program to run. Sample output for each section (2-9) can be viewed by clicking on the relevant images. The ZIP file for v2.4.10, ZIP file for v3.2.0 and the ZIP file for v4.1.1 are also still available.

1. main.cpp
2. Images.cpp
3. Histograms.cpp
4. Binary.cpp
5. Geometric.cpp
6. Edges.cpp
7. Features.cpp
8. Recognition.cpp
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