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Technical Reports
(January 2013 - December 2013)

PDF (427Kb)
What is a Virtual World? Definition and Classification,  Carina Girvan, 23 July 2013
PDF (2.7Mb)
Implementing the NetInf Protocol with HTTP and DTN Convergence Layers and Using NetInf over DTN as the Primary Communication Protocol for a Device,  Elywn Davies, 17 June 2013
PDF (800kB)
Improvements and Additions to the DTN2 Reference Implementation of the Bundle Pr otocol and the Oasys Framework Adding SQL Database Storage and Auxiliary Tables,   Elywn Davies, 17 June 2013
PDF (1Mb)
An Analysis of Content-free Dialogue Representation, Supervised Classification Methods and Evaluation Metrics for Meeting Topic Segmentation,  (PhD Thesis), Jing Su, 17 April 2013
PDF (288Kb)
Modelling MAC-layer communications in wireless systems,  Andrea Cerone, Matthew Hennessy and Massimo Merro, 7 August 2012
PDF (783Kb)
Transactional Concurrent ML,  Carlo Spaccasassi, 15 February 2013
PDF (1Mb)
Active Learning Query Selection with Historical Information,  (PhD Thesis), Michael Davy, 23 January 2013
PDF (310Kb)
Theorems for model-checking,  Avinash Malik and David Gregg, 8 November 2012
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