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M.Sc. Theses


Malpani, Rishi (2024) PDF
"Judgments Of Emotional Reactions By Facial Emotion Recognition"
(Supervised by Vogel, Carl and Ahmad, Khurshid)


Ali, Asad (2023) PDF
"On Multi-Radio Multi-Server Powered Multi-Access Edge Computing"
(Supervised by Ruffini, Marco)
Arce Olivares Hanlon, Rolando Israel (2023) PDF
"LDx: An electronic storyboard that supports the users' requirements process in developing a user interface for the clinician-researchers team"
(Supervised by O'Sullivan, Declan)
Corcoran, Philip Francis (2023) PDF
"An open source chatbot for a complex domain"
(Supervised by Wade, Vincent)
Timofeev, Mikhail (2023) PDF
"Measuring Online Community Health in Enterprise-owned Technical Support Forums"
(Supervised by Tangney, Brendan)


Keane, Cormac David (2022) PDF
"Automatic program generation for convolutional neural networks on resource constrained devices"
(Supervised by Gregg, David)


Mahmoud, Dima Saber (2021) PDF
"Towards Scrutable Decision Tree-based User Model utilising Interactive and Interpretable Machine Learning (SUM-IML)"
(Supervised by Conlan, Owen)
Quan, Wenji (2021) PDF
"Improving Robustness Falsification for Medical Device Software"
(Supervised by Butterfield, Andrew)


Cassidy, Owen Christopher (2020) PDF
"Matching-adjusted indirect comparisons: identifying method variations and implementing models in R"
(Supervised by White, Arthur)
Hassani, Hamid (2020) PDF
"Achieving Low Delay & High Rate in 802.11ac Edge Networks"
(Supervised by Leith, Doug)
Hunter, Ian Frederick (2020) PDF
"Effective Index-Mapping of Quantized Values for Low-Precision Neural Networks on Power-Efficient Embedded Devices"
(Supervised by Gregg, David)


Mathur, Sahil Nakul (2019) PDF
"Automatic generation of relational to ontology mapping correspondences"
(Supervised by Brennan, Rob and O'Sullivan, Declan)


Cowderoy, Grace (2017) PDF
"Partitioning POMDPs for multiple input types, and their application to dialogue managers"
(Supervised by Vogel, Carl)
Rogers, Stephen (2018) PDF
"Automatic Vectorization through Superword Level Parallelism with Associative Chain Reordering and Loop Shifting"
(Supervised by Gregg, David)


Parle, Conor (2017)
(Supervised by Wilson, Simon)
Qin, Guojun (2017) PDF
"Privacy-aware mechanism for location-based social networks"
(Supervised by Cahill, Vincent)
Shosha, Ramy (2017)
(Supervised by O'Sullivan, Declan)


Purcell, Mark (2016)
(Supervised by: Gregg, David)


Brady, Aoife (2015)
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
Javaheriana, Dara (2015)
(Supervised by: Khurshid, Ahmad)
Macklin, Tatiana (2015)
(Supervised by: Lacey, Gerard)
Stokell, Mark (2015) PDF
"Cognitive algorithms and the optimisation of Quality of Experience and bandwidth utilisation"
(Supervised by: O'Sullivan, Declan)


Kearns, Michelle (2014) PDF
"Improving the quality of information recorded in an electronic patient record in a GP out-of-hours service to facilitate health services research"
(Supervised by Hederman, Lucy)
Redmond, Barry (2014)
(Supervised by Ahmad, Khursid)
Yang, Guoxian (2014)
(Supervised by Weber, Stefan)


Lynch, Aidan (2013)
(Supervised by Farrell, Stephen)
Seeoun, Tewson (2013)
(Supervised by O'Sullivan, Declan)


Ahmed, Waqas (2012)
(Supervised by McGoldrick, Ciarán)
Dunne, Peter (2012)
(Supervised by Ahmad, Khurshid)


Mara, Paul (2011)
(Supervised by O'Sullivan, Declan; Co-Supervised by Brennan, Rob)
Vrousai, Routina (2011)
(Supervised by Haslett, John)


Kenny, Austin (2006)
"Interlocutor: Decentralised Infrastructure for Adaptive Interaction"
(Supervised by: O'Sullivan, Declan)
Moore, Colm Daniel (2006)
"Human Working Memory In A Computer Environment"
(Supervised by: Redmond, Tony)
Patten, Bryan (2006)
"A C4 Toolkit For The Teaching And Learning Of Concurrency"
(Supervised by: Tangney, Brendan)
Van roode, Ryan (2006)
"Aspectsql: Aspect Oriented Separation Of Concerns In Relational Databases"
(Supervised by: Clarke, Siobhán)


Alvaro, Guillermo (2005)
"Implementation And Evaluation Of Xkms Interoperability"
(Supervised by: Cahill, Vincent)
Bannister, Richard (2005)
"Fpga Implementation Of Image Segmentation Using Logarithmic Arithmetic"
(Supervised by: Gregg, David)
Dusparic, Ivana (2005) PDF
"Pervasive Application Rights Management Architecture"
(Supervised by: Dowling, Jim)
Jennings, Audrey (2005) PDF
"Implementing An Integrated Web Based Synchronous Elearning Collaboration At Tertiary Level For Part Time Mature Evening Students"
(Supervised by: Mullally, Alan)
Power, Gordon (2005)
"Providing A Mechanism For Visualising, Monitoring And Analysing Clinical Practice Guidelines Enacted In Workflow Systems"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
Sarno, Mario Adrian (2005)
"A Web Based Architecture For Adaptable User Interfaces"
(Supervised by: Redmond, Tony)
Tallon, Shane (2005) PDF
"Adaptive Ontology-Driven Personalised News Services"
(Supervised by: Conlan, Owen)


Fahy, Patrick (2004)
"Cass: Context Awareness Support Service"
(Supervised by: Clarke, Siobhán)


Fagan, Michael John (2003)
"Anticipating The Player's Intentions: A Case Based Plan Recognition Framework For Space Invaders"
(Supervised by: Cunningham, Padraig)
Flynn, Juan (2003)
"Jemu: A Wireless Network Emulator For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
(Supervised by: Tewari, Hitesh)
Greede, Abdolbast (2003)
"Service Driven Bluetooth Networks"
(Supervised by: O'Mahony, Donal)
Little, Colin (2003)
"Parameters Of Quotation And Self Reference: Formal Aspects Of Designation And Self Reference In The Context Of Combinatory Logic"
(Supervised by: Gibbons, Hugh)
Mooney, Robert (2003)
"The Construction Of A Volumetric Cardiac Model For Real Time Ecg Simulation"
(Supervised by: O'Sullivan, Carol)


Ennis, Darach (2002)
"Corba & Xml Integration For Enterprise Applications"
(Supervised by: Cahill, Vincent)
Greenane, Richard (2002)
"Managing Interactions In Smart Environments"
(Supervised by: Clarke, Siobhán)
Savage, Timothy (2002)
"Using Advances In Network Technology To Support The Desegregation Of Distance And Face To Face Students"
(Supervised by: Holmes, Bryn)


Doyle, Michelle (2001)
"An Incremental Cbr Tool For The Internet"
(Supervised by: Cunningham, Padraig)
Fuller, John (2001)
"A Framework For Corba Component Integration & Invocation In A Workflow Environment"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)


Barnstedt, Erich (2000)
"Fault Tolerance In Video On Demand Server Clusters"
(Supervised by: Jones, Jeremy)
Cunningham, Donal (2000)
"Adapt: Authorised Distributed Architecture For Pay Per View Television"
(Supervised by: O'Mahony, Donal)
Hayes, Richard (2000)
"The Sam Loyd Puzzle & Assorted Problems: An Investigation Of Updateable Arrays In Functional Programming"
(Supervised by: Gibbons, Hugh)
Lyng, Mary (2000)
"Experience Improving Www Based Courseware Through Evaluating User Satisfaction"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
McKeown, John (2000)
"Generating Web Content Dynamically Using Document Templates"
(Supervised by: Grimson, Jane)
Nolan, Andrew (2000)
"System Integration & Management In A Workflow Based Telecoms Environment"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
Roberts, Paula Lucia (2000)
"Scaffolding The Case Study Method Using New Media"
(Supervised by: Mullally, Alan)
Stanley, Karl (2000)
"Colour MacHine Vision In Component Placement Inspection"
(Supervised by: Shevlin, Fergal)


Crowley, Daniel (1999)
"Dvrml: Extending Vrml For Multi User Virtual Reality"
(Supervised by: Cahill, Vincent)
Gray, Nick (1999)
"Computer Simulation Of Visual Effects Of Building Decay"
(Supervised by: Neelamkavil, Francis)
Lawless, Deirdre (1999)
"Legacy Information Systems Migration: A Methodology & Its Trial Implementation"
(Supervised by: Grimson, Jane)
McGrath, Robert (1999)
"Multiresolution Analysis To Improve Image Segmentation For An Industrial Application"
(Supervised by: Lacey, Gerard)
McKenna, P.j. (1999)
"Prospero & Caliban: Working Applications From Er Models"
(Supervised by: McGinnes, Simon)
Muldowney, Sinead (1999)
"Representing, Scheduling & Monitoring Management Processes Within A Workflow Environment"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
Pearce, Ronan (1999)
"An Incremental Learning Approach To Automated Pattern Matching In The Absence Of Training Data"
(Supervised by: Cunningham, Padraig)
Power, Conor John (1999)
"Design, Development & Delivery Of Educational Courses Using Telecommunications Technology"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)


Clarke, Ruth (1995) PDF
"User-oriented access to a multilingual database"
(Supervised by Byrne, John G.)


Anderson, Glynn (1993) PDF
"Computerising a library catalogue using optical character recognition"
(Supervised by Byrne, John G.)