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Technical Reports
( January 2014 - December 2014 )

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Information-Centric Networking: A Thorough Evaluation of Popularity-based Probabilistic On-path Caching,  ANDRIANA IOANNOU and STEFAN WEBER, 12 December 2014
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Feature Selection and Boosting Methods for Prediction of Cognitive Load from Acoustic Data,  Su Jing, 11 September 2014
PDF (259Kb)
Content-free Topic Segmentation with Acoustic Features,  Su Jing, 11 September 2014
PDF (685Kb)
Visualising Textual Concordances with Word Mosaics and Graphs: Prototypes and Evaluation Methods,  Shane Sheehan, 27 August 2014
PDF (280Kb)
Higher Lower Bounds for the Minimal Depth of n-Input Sorting Networks,  Martin Marinov and David Gregg, 8 July 2014
PDF (306Kb)
Towards On-path Caching Alternatives in Information-Centric Networks,  ANDRIANA IOANNOU and STEFAN WEBER, 25 June 2014
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Sketch-Based Annotation and Authoring of Geometrically Sparse 3D Environments,  Rowan Hughes, Jan Ondrej and Guarev Chaurasia, 17 January 2014
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