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Technical Reports
(January 1991 - December 1991)

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A Pragmatic Approach for Integrating Data Management and Tasks Management: Modelling and Implementational Issues. Antunes, F., Baker, S., Caulfield, B., Lopez, M. & Sheppard, M. May 1991 Also in Advances in Database Technology EDBT 1990.
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Scheduling Predicates. McHale, C., Walsh, B., Baker, S. & Donnelly, A. October 1991
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Some Ideas on Support for Fault Tolerance in COMANDOS, an Object-Oriented Distributed System. Tangney, B., Cahill, V., Horn, C., Herity, D., Judge, A., Starovic, G. & Sheppard, M. December 1991 Also in ACM Operating Systems Review 25(2).