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Technical Reports
( January 1995 - December 1995)

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Secure Pay-Per-View Testbed, Cunningham, D., & O'Mahony, D., December 1995
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An Event-Based Object Model for Distributed Programming, Starovic, G., Cahill, V., & Tangney, B., December 1995
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The VOID Shell, O'Connell, K., Cahill, V., Condon, A., McGerty, S., Starovic, G., & Tangney, B., December 1995
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Aspects: Composing CSCW Applications, Barrett, S., & Tangney, B., December 1995
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Epistemological Issues in Metaphor Comprehension: A Comparison of Three Models, Veale, T., O'Donoghue, D., & Keane, M.T., December 1995
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On Adaptation in Analogy, Keane, M.T., December 1995
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An Improved Translation of SA/RT Specification Model to High-Level Timed Petri Nets, Shi, L., & Nixon, P., October 1995
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Aontas: The CaberNet Technical Abstracts Service, Taylor, P., October 1995
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Making Meta-Object Protocols Practical for Operating Systems, Gowing, B., & Cahill V., August 1995
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CBR in Scheduling: Reusing Solution Components, Cunningham, P., & Smyth, B., June 1995
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On the Use of CBR in Optimisation Problems Such as the TSP, Cunningham, P., Smyth, B., & Hurley, H., June 1995
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Personal Adaptive Mobility Aid for the Infirm and Elderly, Lacey, G., Dawson-Howe, K.M., & Vernon, D., June 1995
TCD-CS-95-17 Truth, Proof and Formal Methods: Philosophical Background, O'Regan, G. May 1995
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On the Automatic Generation of Case Libraries by Chunking Chess Games, Flinter, S., & Keane, M.T., May 1995
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MOONLIGHT: VOID Shell Specification, Cahill, V., Condon, A., Kelly, D., McGerty, S., O'Connell, K., Starovic, G., & Tangney, B., May 1995
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Reconstruction of Illumination from Area Luminaires, Collins, S. May 1995 (Also in the Proceedings of the 6th EuroGraphics Workshop, 1995).
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Lazy, per Cluster Log-Keeping Mechanism for Global Garbage Detection on Amadeus, Louboutin, S.R.Y., & Cahill, V., May 1995
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Open to Suggestions., Zimmermann, C., & Cahill, V., May 1995 (Also in European Research Seminar on Advances in Distributed Systems, 1995).
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On Comprehensive Global Garbage Detection, Louboutin, S.R.Y., & Cahill, V. May 1995 (Also in European Research Seminar on Advances in Distributed Systems, 1995).
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Roo: A Framework for Real-Time Threads, Zimmermann, C., & Cahill, V., May 1995
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What Makes an Analogy Difficult? Keane, M.T. April (Version to appear in Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, University of Pittsburgh, USA).
TCD-CS-95-08 Bill of Materials: A Rigorous Approach, O'Regan, G., April 1995
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Transfer Between Analogies: How Solving One Analogy Problem Helps to Solve Another, Keane, M.T., April 1995
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A Review of the Resource Management Task in ATM Networks, Naughton, S. April 1995
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The ECO Model: Events + Constraints + Objects, Starovic, G., Cahill, V., & Tangney, B., February 1995
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Systems, Tasks and Adaptation Knowledge in Case-Based Reasoning, Hanney, K., Keane, M.T., Smyth, B., & Cunningham, P., February 1995 (Version to appear in AAAI'95 Fall Symposium on Knowledge Re-use, MIT, USA, 1995).
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Developing an ATM Video Transfer Service in a VINCE Environment, McGaley, P., & O'Mahony, D., January 1995
TCD-CS-95-02 HyperMART: Hypermedia and Multimedia Authoring and Rendering Tool, Lambe, C., McGuigan, R., & Grimson, J., January 1995
TCD-CS-95-01 Advanced Electronic Commerce Security within a Workflow Environment, Tewari, H., McCourt, M., & O'Mahony, D., January 1995 (Also in ACM Workshop on Electronic Commerce, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, 1994).