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Technical Reports
(January 2006 - December 2006)

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MoCoA: Customisable Middleware for Context-aware Mobile Applications,  Aline Senart, Raymond Cunningham, Mélanie Bouroche, Neil O'Connor and Vinny Reynolds, 29 December 2006
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YABS: A Domain-Specific Language for Pervasive Computing based on Stigmergy,  Peter Barron and Vinny Cahill, 14 December 2006
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Real-time Communication in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs),  (MSc Dissertation), Yizhou Zhang, 12 December 2006
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A Flooding Approach to Harvesting Agents,  (MSc Dissertation), Iker Jimenez, 12 December 2006
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Distributed Coordination of Policy Execution across Autonomous Elements,  (MSc Dissertation), Paddy Meyler, 12 December 2006
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Hopping: A Bidirectional Stigmergy Power Efficient On-Demand Driven Ad Hoc Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks,  (MSc Dissertation), Ricardo Simon Carbajo, 12 December 2006
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Global Smart Spaces: The Smart Traveller Information System,  (MSc Dissertation), Shane Brennan, 12 December 2006
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Decentralized Discovery and Execution for Composite Semantic Web Services,  (MSc Dissertation), Dominik Roblek, 12 December 2006
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Product Information Retrieval over Cellular Networks,  (MSc Dissertation), John Delaney, 12 December 2006
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Middleware for Semantic Service Advertising and Discovery on MANETs,  (MSc Dissertation), Zef Hemel, 12 December 2006
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The JBDS (Java Based Deep Space) Simulator: A New Approach,  (MSc Dissertation), Daniela Bruno, 12 December 2006
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Using Stigmergy to Build Pervasive Computing Environments,  (PhD Thesis), Peter Barron, 7 December 2006
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Analysing the Security Threats against Network Convergence Architectures,  Patroklos Argyroudis, Robert McAdoo, Stephen Toner, Linda Doyle and Donal O'Mahony, 7 December 2006
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A Programming Model for Mobile Context-Aware Applications,  (PhD Thesis), Gregory Biegel, 26 October 2006
PDF (122Kb)
Modelling Event Systems for AmI Applications using an Aspect Middleware Platform,  Lidia Fuentes, Daniel Jimenez and René Meier, 13 October 2006
PDF (620Kb)
Wireless Communication Using Real-Time Extensions to the Linux Network Subsystem,  Barbara Hughes and Vinny Cahill, 5 October 2006
PDF (168Kb)
Supporting Mobility using Context-Based Reasoning,  Aline Senart, Mélanie Bouroche, Neil O'Connor, Barbara Hughes, Kulpreet Singh and Vinny Cahill, 2 October 2006
PDF (568Kb)
Real-Time Communication in IEEE 802.11 Mobile Ad hoc Networks A Feasibility Study,  Barbara Hughes, Mark Gleeson, Marcin Karpinski, Raymond Cunningham and Vinny Cahill, 29 September 2006
PDF (491Kb)
Facilitating Dynamic Schedules for Healthcare Professionals,  Cormac Driver, Eamonn Linehan, Mike Spence, Shiu Lun Tsang, Laura Chan and Siobhán Clarke, 29 September 2006
PDF (317Kb)
Towards Delivering Context-Aware Transportation User Services,  René Meier, Anthony Harrington and Vinny Cahill, 28 September 2006
PDF (444Kb)
Real-time Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles,  Mélanie Bouroche, Barbara Hughes and Vinny Cahill, 28 September 2006
PDF (163Kb)
Optimizing Interpreters for Processors with Branch Target Buffers,  M. Anton Ertl and David Gregg, 27 September 2006
PDF (63Kb)
Comparison of the data-based and gene ontology-based approaches to cluster validation methods for gene microarrays,  Nadia Bolshakova, Anton Zamolotskikh and Pádraig Cunningham, 19 September 2006
PDF (241Kb)
Proving PSN after ruining a perfectly good calculus,  Shane O'Conchuir, 13 September 2006
PDF (193Kb)
Efficient Ensemble Methods for Document Clustering,  Derek Greene and Pádraig Cunningham, 18 August 2006
PDF (132Kb)
Towards a Domain Specific AOP language for Ubiquitous Computing,  Serena Fritsch, Jennifer Munnelly and Siobhán Clarke, 18 August 2006
PDF (1Mb)
Dual Quaternions for Rigid Transformation Blending,  Ladislav Kavan, Steven Collins, Carol O'Sullivan and Jiri Zara, 11 August 2006
PDF (321Kb)
Object Recognition and Active Learning in Images,  Conor Nugent and Pádraig Cunningham, 26 July 2006
PDF (90Kb)
Coordination of Autonomous Mobile Entities,  Mélanie Bouroche and Vinny Cahill, 24 July 2006
PDF (132Kb)
Building Reliable Mobile Applications with Space-Elastic Adaptation,  Mélanie Bouroche, Barbara Hughes and Vinny Cahill, 24 July 2006
PDF (71Kb)
Inka: Using Flow to Enhance the Mobile Learning Experience,  Daire O'Broin and Siobhán Clarke, 21 July 2006
PDF (166Kb)
Implementation of an AmI Communication Service using a Federated Event System Based on Aspects,  Lidia Fuentes, Daniel Jimenez and René Meier, 21 July 2006
PDF (174Kb)
Using Aggregation for Adaptive Super-Peer Discovery on the Gradient Topology,  Jan Sacha, Jim Dowling, Raymond Cunningham and René Meier, 21 July 2006
PDF (253Kb)
Requirements for an Ubiquitous Computing Simulation and Emulation Environment,  Vinny Reynolds, Vinny Cahill and Aline Senart, 21 July 2006
PDF (210Kb)
Discovery of Stable Peers in a Self-Organising Peer-to-Peer Gradient Topology,  Jan Sacha, Jim Dowling, Raymond Cunningham and René Meier, 21 July 2006
PDF (107Kb)
Anonymous Revocable Attestation,  Carl Ellison and Stephen Farrell, 3 July 2006
PDF (692Kb)
Adaptive Offset Subspace Self-Organizing Map: An Application to Handwritten Digit Recognition,  Huicheng Zheng, Pádraig Cunningham and Alexey Tsymbal, 23 June 2006
PDF (196Kb)
Context-Aware Aspects,  Eric Tanter, Kris Gybels, Marcus Denker and Alexandre Bergel, 7 June 2006
PDF (271Kb)
A Gossip Protocol to Support Service Discovery with Heterogeneous Ontologies in MANETs,  Andronikos Nedos, Kulpreet Singh, Raymond Cunningham and Siobhán Clarke, 30 May 2006
PDF (129Kb)
Incorporating biological domain knowledge into cluster validity assessment,  Nadia Bolshakova, Francisco Azuaje and Pádraig Cunningham, 22 May 2006
PDF (442Kb)
Feature Extraction for Dynamic Integration of Classifiers,  Mykola Pechenizkiy, Alexey Tsymbal, Seppo Puuronen and David Patterson, 19 May 2006
PDF (136Kb)
FacetS: First Class Entities for an Open Dynamic AOP Language,  Alexandre Bergel, 12 May 2006
PDF (133Kb)
A Taxonomy of Collaborative Context-Aware Systems,  As'ad Salkham, Raymond Cunningham, Aline Senart and Vinny Cahill, 12 May 2006
PDF (426Kb)
Visual Representation of Complex Information Structures in High Volume Manufacturing,  Connor Upton and Gavin Doherty, 12 May 2006
PDF (1Mb)
Designing Usable Decision Support Systems for HVM,  Connor Upton and Gavin Doherty, 12 May 2006
PDF (350Kb)
Adapting the ADS for High Volume Manufacturing,  Connor Upton and Gavin Doherty, 12 May 2006
PDF (213Kb)
Analysis of the Evaluation of Application-Led Research in Pervasive Computing,  Cormac Driver, Eamonn Linehan and Siobhán Clarke, 4 May 2006
PDF (116Kb)
Class Noise and Supervised Learning in Medical Domains: The Effect of Feature Extraction,  Mykola Pechenizkiy, Alexey Tsymbal, Seppo Puuronen and Oleksandr Pechenizkiy, 4 May 2006
PDF (246Kb)
Does Relevance Matter to Data Mining Research?,  Mykola Pechenizkiy, Seppo Puuronen and Alexey Tsymbal, 4 May 2006
PDF (136Kb)
Dynamic integration with random forests,  Alexey Tsymbal, Mykola Pechenizkiy and Pádraig Cunningham, 3 May 2006
PDF (336Kb)
Efficient Prediction-Based Validation for Document Clustering,  Derek Greene and Pádraig Cunningham, 2 May 2006
PDF (167Kb)
Evaluating Density Forecasting Models,  Michael Carney and Pádraig Cunningham, 2 May 2006
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Simulation Frameworks for the Teaching and Learning of Distributed Algorithms,  (PhD Thesis), Fionnuala O'Donnell, 26 April 2006
PDF (1Mb)
A Semantic Framework for Deterministic Functional Input/Output,  (PhD Thesis), Malcolm Dowse, 6 April 2006
PDF (308Kb)
A Spatial Programming Model for Real Global Smart Space Applications,  René Meier, Anthony Harrington, Thomas Termin and Vinny Cahill, 4 April 2006
PDF (186Kb)
An Evaluation of the Usefulness of Explanation in a CBR System for Decision Support in Bronchiolitis Treatment,  Donal Doyle, Pádraig Cunningham and Paul Walsh, 4 April 2006
PDF (107Kb)
Coordination of Safety-Critical Mobile Real-Time Embedded Systems,  Aline Senart, Mélanie Bouroche, Barbara Hughes and Vinny Cahill, 30 March 2006
PDF (291Kb)
On the Role of Ontological Semantics in Routing Contextual Knowledge,  John Keeney, David Lynch, David Lewis and Declan O'Sullivan, 20 March 2006
PDF (80Kb)
Sensor Networks For Smart Roads,  Marcin Karpinski, Aline Senart and Vinny Cahill, 7 March 2006
PDF (350Kb)
Binding- and Port-Agnostic Service Composition using a P2P SOA,  Dominik Dahlem, David McKitterick, Lotte Nickel, Jim Dowling, Bartek Biskupskij and René Meier, 1 March 2006
PDF (261Kb)
Matching Distributed Systems to their Environments using Dissipative Structures,  Jim Dowling, Dominik Dahlem and Jan Sacha, 1 March 2006
PDF (1Mb)
Digital Rights Enforcement for Pervasive Computing Applications,  (MSc Thesis), Dominik Dahlem, 1 March 2006
PDF (377Kb)
A Self-Organising Topology for Master-Slave Replication in Peer-to-Peer Environments,  Jan Sacha and Jim Dowling, 1 March 2006
PDF (643Kb)
Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform and Ensembles of Lazy and Eager Learners for Music Genre Classification,  Marco Grimaldi, Pádraig Cunningham and Anil Kokaram, 23 February 2006
PDF (290Kb)
Calibrating Probability Density Forecasts with Multi-objective Search,  Michael Carney and Pádraig Cunningham, 10 February 2006
PDF (753Kb)
Predicting Probability Distributions for Surf Height Using an Ensemble of Mixture Density Networks,  Michael Carney, Pádraig Cunningham, Jim Dowling and Ciaran Lee, 10 February 2006
PDF (194Kb)
ECUE: A Spam Filter that Uses Machine Learning to Track Concept Drift,  Sarah Jane Delany and Pádraig Cunningham, 10 February 2006
PDF (664Kb)
Practical Solutions to the Problem of Diagonal Dominance in Kernel Document Clustering,  Derek Greene and Pádraig Cunningham, 7 February 2006
PDF (330Kb)
Making Density Forecasts Statistically Consistent,  Michael Carney, Pádraig Cunningham and Brian M. Lucey, 23 January 2006
PDF (3Mb)
Trust, Security and Privacy in Global Computing,  (PhD Thesis), Jean-Marc Seigneur, 12 January 2006
PDF (955Kb)
Mining the SDSS Database: a Wavelet Approach for Parameterisation and Classification in Support of Novelty Detection in the Astronomy Domain,  Marco Grimaldi, Brian Espey and Pádraig Cunningham, 4 January 2006
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